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New hymnal(s)
First Church of Winthrop
I love The United Methodist Hymnal.  I've been using a 1939 hymnal I found at a Salvation Army thrift store several years ago.  Yesterday, I received a copy of the new (©1989, Thirtieth Printing 2008) hymnal I recently ordered from Cokesbury.  Hurrah!  I also picked up a copy of The Faith We Sing.

I find it at least a little amusing that the version of The Faith We Sing I purchased is the "Singer's Edition."  Amusing because I don't sing, at least not very loudly!  I wish I had a good singing voice, but I don't.  My range is terrible, and I can't carry a tune in a bucket.  I so love these hymns, but when I'm in church, being mindful of my poor voice and in consideration of the congregants seated near me, I will sing, but very very softly.  Still, as one who appreciates music so much, I wanted the Singer's Edition so I could see the different parts, or voices, of the hymns even if can't pull-off the singing myself.

Oh!, and I opted for the purple cover color on The United Methodist Hymnal.  Nice!
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I <3 the UMH, too. I haven't been able to contribute to my lj project on the UMH lately, but I hope to get more time to do that sometime soon.

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